Monday, March 21, 2011

Venturing Into Rare Wines...

Uncommon wines are wines that are... okay, they are uncommon.  They usually aren't found at restaurants (even within their region), nor are they found in stores.  They come from the winery alone, because there are relatively few bottles produced.
Normally I prefer to review a wine that may be found in nearly anyone's local stores, but because I was recently married (and therefore am THE BRIDE), I have chose a rare wine from New Zealand:  Brick Bay Winery Pinot Gris 2010.

Why Brick Bay?
I'll be honest.  I don't like Pinot Gris.  They are usually too sweet for me, fermented from grapes too young.  At first glance, I expected this one to be the same.  The wine was nearly colorless, and the year was 2010.  Surely something so new couldn't be decently interesting.

Was I wrong.  The initial flavor was effervescent and crisp.  There are tastes of fruit, but nothing overwhelms the palette so much that delicate cheeses couldn't be complimented well. The view wasn't bad either.  We were in a modern-designed greenhouse over a lush pond, surrounded by a sculpture garden.  The rain fell softly, but did nothing to diminish the view.

One of the hanging light surrounds.
We were told by our kiwi tasting guide that this is one white wine that cellars well.  She told us, "Please keep one bottle to share on your 5th wedding anniversary.  It will mellow and taste like honey."

Good advice to heed.

If ever one is in the vicinity of Auckland, (and with the exchange rate as it is, I'm surprised not all of you are there), I highly recommend this winery.  The people are friendly, and tasting is very inexpensive:  $5 for 4 glasses.

The wines are on par with other rare wines in the area:  I believe we paid around $32/bottle.  Not cheap, but far from expensive.

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