Sunday, January 30, 2011

Next Up: Ravenswood Cabernet Savignon

Ravenswood Cabernet Savignon

Why Ravenswood?

I'm pretty sure I saw it on one of the NYTimes best under $20 list, but I can't recall. Also, a former boss in Florida (whom I hold in high esteem), wouldn't stop bothering me until I tried it. And he was right - this is good.

A person doesn't have to be a fan of cabs to love this wine. Even a Pinot Noir or Merlot lover will enjoy this tasty wine. The secret, I think, is that it isn't too tanniny (I just made that up... or I heard it somewhere... it means it isn't too bitter). This wine is strong in flavor though, but I wouldn't consider it overwhelming even if paired with a heavily marinated chicken dish. I think it's best with a dark vegetable of some sort. Also goes well with Vermont cheese. If you don't like VT cheese, you might be a communist.

Ravenswood is famous for their strong Zins. In fact, they brag about this on their site so much I found it annoying. I think real wine drinkers don't waste money on Zins, but whatever. Their cab is freaking awesome.

Cost: Less than $15
And cheap. Awesome and cheap. In Florida and New Jersey I believe I paid around $12, and in Oklahoma the cost is $13.99.

If you have a 20 dollar bill to blow on a bottle of red, this is where you blow it.


  1. I like Cabs. I like saying "I like Cabs," as if I had a clue. In any event, I'll be looking for a bottle to fill an empty spot in my rack this weekend. I might make it Ravenswood. (That last line could be a slogan.)

  2. Thanks - Jacob's Creek is another inexpensive stout red that can be had for under $20. People who enjoy Ravenswood usually like Jacob's Creek as well.