Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Off To England: Strongbow Dry Cider

Strongbow - England's Dry Cider

Some people have yet to venture into the realm of ciders, and I must say they are missing out.  Nothing is more refreshing on a sultry day than kicking back with a dry cider in a chilled glass.

Some people in the U.S. might be more familiar with Vermont's Woodchuck Cider.  I like most brews out of Middlebury, and some of the Woodchuck flavors are pretty good, but others are far too sweet.  If you are more of a beer/red wine drinker, you will prefer a dry cider.  I've yet to find one with a crisper finish than what comes out of this English can.  The carbonation is noticeable, but minimal.  The taste is similar to biting into a fresh Granny Smith apple.

Strongbow just became available in some states, and still isn't available in all.  Some places carry it in bottles, others in cans.  I'm currently drinking one out of a can.  The alcohol content (outside of UK pubs) is officially 5.3%, though it appears to vary. My can reads 5.0%.
The cost is a little high, though not unreasonable - a four pack of cans runs anywhere from $9 to $12.  That may not sound like a lot, but most good imported beer six packs cost about the same.

For a particularly interesting beverage, mix a cider with Harp (or any non-crappy lager) and make a Snake bite.  The lager simply lessens the sweetness of the cider.

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